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SMS Marketing:

As marketers & businessman, we are always thinking up creative & effective ways to get our information out to existing and potential customers; whilst also ensuring we get good results from our efforts. One of the basic practical rules in marketing is to think like your audience, to keep up-to-date with their buying habits and where they are looking.

Bulk SMS is used across all industry as an effective form of communication to constantly in contact with customers and prospects. Now you can use SMS marketing to:

  • Instantly keep in contact with customers on a 1-to-1 basis, thus giving them the feel of individual treatment via the SMS sent to their mobile phones
  • Shortens your time to market to reach your prospects about your business, products and services immediately
  • SMS is small and simple and gets the message across instantly without any messing around
  • You will get the very high good feedback from here if you send to right targeted prospects & audiences

SMS Advertising Message Broadcast Price List:

Amount Message Price
10,000 RM850 (US$213)
20,000 RM1,600 (US$400)
50,000 RM3,600 (US$900)
100,000 RM6,900 (US$1,725)
200,000 RM12,000 (US$3,000)
500,000 RM31,000 (US$7,750)
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The above price included the service of compiling the broadcasted data leads based on certain requirement such as area, age group, races....etc, so you able to get the highest quantity feedback from the recipients.

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