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WhatsApp Advertising Marketing Malaysia

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the best tool being used world wide for information exchange in form of Text, Image, Voice and Video. Reason its most handy and convenient tool being operated by almost all population who are using Internet as part and routine of their daily life.

Bulk Whatsapp Messaging With Image, Video, and Voice is best marketing solution.
Are you looking for a best marketing solution right now that can reach your mobile user? Are you really interested to make your client WOW on your marketing campaign that reach their Whatsapp? Whatsapp broadcasting is the only solution.

Our strength in contact database listing and marketing services like whatsapps and telemarketing have placed us at the forefront in managing our customer's needs to their utmost desire and communication.

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Whatspp Advertising Message Broadcast Price List:

Amount Message Type Message Promotion Price This Month
5,000 Text + Image + Emotion Icons RM500 (US$125)
10,000 Text + Image + Emotion Icons RM890 (US$220)
20,000 Text + Image + Emotion Icons RM1,700 (US$425)
50,000 Text + Image + Emotion Icons RM3,900 (US$950)
100,000 Text + Image + Emotion Icons RM7,300 (US$1,780)
200,000 Text + Image + Emotion Icons RM14,200 (US$3,460)
500,000 Text + Image + Emotion Icons RM31,500 (US$7,670)
1,000,000 Text + Image + Emotion Icons RM60,000 (US$14,600)

The above price included the service of compiling the broadcasted data leads based on certain requirement such as area, age group, races....etc, so you able to get the highest quantity feedback from the recipients.

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